This is a unique property with a 2 bay. large office & a restroom gas station built in 1951, a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home with a large 4 Seasons sun room on the west side built in 2007 ($35,000).
House originally was built in 1978, totally remodeled with new cherry wood kitchen cabinets by Aristo-Kraft, in 2001.
New windows, metal roofing & vinyl siding in 2000.
We are currently adding a 10' X 21' multi-purpose room with
an additional smaller room that I was going to use as a kiln room, but it could be for food storage or whatever.
There is also a 30' X 42' warehouse.
The roof on the warehouse & shop are the one piece rubber
type roofing, put on in August 2010. ($10,753.00)

The property has a commercial zoning, & the taxes are LOW !
The house alone is insured @ $189,000 for replacement cost.

The next thing is HUDSON motor vehicle parts, by the 1,000's
There are engine parts, transmission parts, chrome, sheet metal, trim, gaskets, & a whole lot more NEW OLD STOCK
parts. Some used sheet metal, engines, instruments.

Will sell the parts separately, BUT will NOT sell the house,
unless the parts are sold 1st!


More information can be found here.


Pictures of the buildings can bee seen on the map below.

This is the Google map of the property, street view.,+Weiser,+ID&layer=c&z=17&iwloc=A&sll=44.246193,-116.975900&cbp=13,354.1,0,0,0&cbll=44.246177,-116.975898&hl=en&ved=0CA4Q2wU&sa=X&ei=eKFtTpqSDYWhiQLmjdG7DQ